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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Homo sapiens ancestors

Coastal homosapiens lodgings in a cave in South Africa shows that our preciosvojili Earth through food from the sea.

oldest coastal settlements Man himself in a cave in South Africa shows that our preciosvojili Earth through food from the sea, according istraživanjuobjavljeno in the journal Nature. This theory is supported by shells, stones obrađenocrveno - hematite, and a bit of a tool before 164 000 years that suotkriveni in a cave in the Indian Ocean in South Africa. ZnanstvenikCurtis Marean from the University of Arizona and his team believe that homosapiens are from the Middle Paleolithic - 300000-30000 years ago noveere lived in a cave Pinacle Point and that they view any izvorprehrane because land became barren and cold in the ice age. Over millions of years ago, our ancestors had hunter-gatherers were fed samokopnenim plants and meat. Shellfish are among the last included interpersonal diet before the introduction of domesticated plants and animals, Marean objasnioje. So far, the oldest residence near the sea was stara120.000 years. During the ice age - between 195 000 and 135.0000prije AD ocean levels were 125 meters lower than today. Kadasu the glaciers melted, increase the water swept over the coast and tragoveljudskih quarters. Cave Pinacle Point is found because nalazirelativno high, today is located 15 meters above sea level, anekoć was away between 5 and 10 km from the coast. It seems that the uporabaizvora has led to the migration of Homo sapiens along the coast and širenjenaselja outside Africa, first along the Red Sea Bliskogistoka direction, followed by a trip around the world starting to South Asia, New Guinea and Australia. |

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