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Homers Odyssey Island

Ithaca island, from which comes the blind ancient Greek poet Homer, possibly located in the west of Kefalonia. Landslides and earthquakes kamenjaizazvani plugs the valley between Kefalonia and Palikija, which they disguise an ancient landscape that tells Homers Odyssey

Ithaca island, from which comes the blind ancient Greek poet Homer, possibly located in the west of Kefalonia.
Results are the latest archaeological research britanskogposlovnog Bittlestonea man, Robert, professor of classical languages ​​sCambridgea James Digglea and professor of geology at the University uEdinburghu Underhilla John, published in the journal Geotimes, which gaizdaje U.S. Geological Survey in Virginia.
According hipoteziznanstvenika looking for Ithaca, which is even thought that does not exist, the western peninsula of present-day Greek island of Kefalonia, called Paliki was once a separate island before three thousand years. ikamenja landslides caused by earthquakes plugs are iPalikija valley between Kefalonia, which disguise the ancient landscape as it is described by Homers Odyssey.
Underhill and his colleagues confirm the hipotezedobili geological drilling to a depth of 122 meters between nekadašnjihotoka. Drilling has shown that there is no live rock, but that is savmaterijal applied to the spot from the surrounding hills.

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