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Hitlers death conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories about Hitlers death will receive a major boost to nakonotkrića scientists. DNA analysis proved that the piece of skull zakojeg for decades it was believed that the fuehrerov actually belongs ženimlađoj than 40 years!

conspiracy theories about Hitlers death ćevjetar get back in after the discovery by scientists may conclude danacistički leader has died in a Berlin bunker, a more general and perhaps even kill shot in the head.
The DNA analysis substantiated that the piece of skull which was believed for decades that Hitlerovustvari belongs to a woman younger than 40 years!
ipovjesničari Scientists have long argued for years that it was part of the skull, along with a bullet hole, which is at Hitlers bunker ruskavojska find and preserve the Soviet intelligence agency KGB, hard evidence that along the leader of the Third Reich killed April 30, 1945. In shooting you in glavuiz guns after drank a cyanide pill. But američkihznanstvenika finding sheds new light on this part of world history.
skull belonged to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40. vrlotanka the bone, while mens bones are usually much more robust .. Hitler utravnju 1945 imao56 years.
Bellantoni began his research in the Moskvigdje his displayed at the National Archives and the remains of blood uprljanogkreveta where they allegedly killed Eva Braun and Hitler. Zapanjujućirezultati work of American scientists were broadcast on HistoryChannelu in the documentary Hitlers escape.
American hard piece of skull id probably do not belong to any fuehrerovoj wife. - There are reports that Eva Braun was also shot in the head or the unju shot later. nearby bunker killed many people.
According to witnesses, the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun were wrapped and taken away upokrivače the courtyard in front of the bunker, placed in the crater odbombe, soaked with gasoline and set on fire. Russian forensic experts in svibnju1945. year unearthed the remains of bodies that are believed to jeHitlerovo.
The utmost secrecy was then transferred uistočnonjemački Magdeburg, where they were all buried until 1970. godine.KGB was cremated and the remains of Hitlers apart pieces of the skull, jaw and bloody bed, which is not publicly available. |

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