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The Civil War was waged in Spain since 1936. Do1939. In Spain between the government and the various legal lijevihskupina on one, and right-wing nationalist rebels in čelus Francisco Franco on the other side.

There is suspicion that the most reproduced photos Španjolskoggrađanskog War, written by Robert Capa, furnished.
Based on previous indications, the Spanish newspaper El Periodicoprovele extensive research on the development of photography.
She has previously razmišjalo on the exact identification of soldiers in the picture, or whether Federico Garcia Borrello correct name for the soldiers who senavodi he landed in Cordoba, Cerro Muriano, during the Battle of seodvila September 5, 1936, about two months after he began war.
first suspect in this official version appeared around the place of origin: photo was taken near the town of Espejo, ten kilometers from gradaCerro Muriano, and it is considered that these changes cijelupredodžbu different locations of the origin of images.
In fact, the thesis davojnik in the photograph is actually fake his own death. investigation is počelapovodom exhibition titled This is War: Robert Capa at Work, which jeotvorena the Museo de Arte de Cataluna, Barcelona, ​​after bilapokazana the Barbican Art Gallery in London and Milan centrufotografije.
Spanish Civil War was waged since 1936. do1939. in Spain between the government and the various legal lijevihskupina on one, and right-wing nationalist rebels in čelus Francisco Franco on the other side.
cause of the war there was udruštvenim and political turmoil that affected Spain nakonproglašenja republic in 1931. team turmoil has made a contribution ivelike economic crisis, which has further radicalized many diošpanjolske working class who embraced anarchism and to a lesser mjerikomunizam.
On the other hand, Republican attempts to suppress danezadovoljstvo government reforms have sparked a reaction međukonzervativnim parts of Spanish society, especially međuzemljoposjednicima, the Catholic Church and, most importantly, the military.
war in Spain had a much longer-lasting economic consequences oblikudesetljeća Jamess Gate in 9000 years!
Five million liters each day
Uprvih quarter of a millennium, Guinness beer is growing faster than the solid pjenekoja adorned poured a glass. Today is a day in over 150 countries, 10 million drink a pint of beer, or about five million liters. This jekompozicija of 500 wagons, nearly seven kilometers long. DostojnoGuinnessove record books.
Hurkin In Syds pub in irskomgradiću Kilkennyju, Londons Albert pub near the famous staniceVictoria, Jimmys Corner in New York or Dublin Zagreb Pubutočenje Guinness beer is a little ritual.
Beer from točisporo appliances, and so it should be, and drink, to which it could potpunijeuživati. Guinness is a one time had the advertising slogan Good stvaridolaze those who are willing to wait.
No pipničar, uiole serious pub, will not break the rules. And when the crowd našanku, especially in the evenings during the weekend, the Guinness is poured without žurbe.Smatralo would be sacrilege to serve you a pint of Guinness drugačije.Isto the temperature is - beer needs to be cooled down to six degrees, except for Guinness Extra Cold is served by two and half degrees colder.
I saw in Dublin pub The Temple connoisseurs how slowly ispijajusvoju pint of Guinness. Sip by sip, with longer pauses. Nobody drinks Ghana drought, they know how to do inexperienced tourists who flock uGuinnessov Museum in Dublin, where they finally, on the sixth floor bivšetvornice, honors pint of Guinness.
This fantastic uređenprostor real world encyclopedia perhaps the most famous beer. Ugodišnjici big celebration was crowded with curious not only because seondje really have to see it - of barley, the basic raw material of beer, prekorazličitih packaging in which to sell advertising that followed it, but because of glasses of beer which they claimed to be the best anywhere možepopiti. From dozens ispijenih pint in Ireland, one in the museum dublinskomGuinnessovu really had the best flavor.
Beer stronger potency?
With Guinness to draw a variety of legends and anecdotes. Some argue that jeljekovit, so the company at one time used the advertising slogan Guinness is good for you. Now the emphasis is on the advertising campaign responsible consumption.
Those who claim that the glasses Guinnessajača potency, offering proof: Olivia Whitmore, ArthuraGuinnessa wife, gave birth to 21 children. But others say that it has a beer tekposrednu connection. The old brewery Arthur took a lease on nine tisućagodina. He needed a strong lineage successor that will not disappear nisljedećih 8750 years.
Jubilee pleasure
VelikaGuinnessova anniversary is celebrated not only in Dublin or Ireland, većposvuda in the world. Specifically, Guinness beer is now produced in more than 40zemalja world, so it became a rare global jubilee celebrations.
It goes everywhere - in one of the thousands of pubs in Dublin, where he nastaoprije 250 years, as well as in Belarus, Botswana , Congo, Finland, Iceland, Croatia ... On the Guinness is about as well as cod: vasoduševi or as soon as you try, as soon srknete one thick white foam on top of a glass, or leave you indifferent. His admirers, and counted in stotinamamilijuna, praise mild astringency and chestnut honey colored liquid, njenizniman bitter-taste and a slightly relaxing effect.
Those who do not like to gripe about them flavor and color reminds nasirup to relieve cough and some say it smells like oil. |

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