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Build pyramids discovered in graves

The graves were discovered near the great pyramids of Egypt potvrđujuteoriju by which these ancient monuments were not built by slaves negoslobodni workers.

Pyramids were not built by slaves rather than free workers
graves discovered near Egypts great pyramids potvrđujuteoriju by which these ancient monuments were not built by slaves negoslobodni workers, experts say.
The locations kojimasu of the clay brick tombs were built on workers Keopsovoj iKefrenovoj pyramid indicate that they were not slaves. the first pronađene1990. years and studies have shown that about 4500 years old.
The tombs were built by the pharaohs pyramid which shows tiljudi that were not slaves, he told BBC iskapanjaarheolog head Zahi Hawass.
If they were slaves to their graves would not be able to build poredkraljevih, he added.
Evidence found on former site showed that the daily desetaktisuća workers ate twenty cows and as many sheep are remanded delivered from farms in the Delta and Upper Egypt. It is možezaključiti that these farmers are not paying taxes but the central government in this way participate in national projects, explained Zahi Hawass.
workers are in the works include the period of three months, agrobnice, dating from the 4th and 5th Dynasty - 2649th to 2374th BC. BC. were built for those who died during the construction.
sevlasti Egypt has long advocated for the destruction of the myth of bonded labor with emphasis on minimizing kakoon enviable level of skill which is possessed drevnacivilizacija that country.

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