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Fossil remains of Neanderthal man formation

Homo sapiens neanderthalensis disappeared about 30,000 years ago, the worlds richest fossil site neandertalcaotkriveno in 1899. Hušnjakovo the hill in Krapina

and studying fossils in Croatia snalazišta group of European and American anthropologists, geneticists ievolucijskih sketched the sequencing genomaneandertalca, which hold the closest ancestor of modern man ..
Complete sequencing - određivanjeslijeda bases in the genes genome Neanderthal evolution toghominida will illuminate, but also the evolution of modern man.
Homo sapiensneanderthalensis - better known as the Neanderthal man - disappeared prijeotprilike 30,000 years, the worlds richest Neanderthal finding fosilnihostataka discovered in 1899. Hušnjakovo the hill in Krapina.
Sequencing of the Neanderthal genome should omogućitiidentifikaciju genetic changes that enabled early humans danapuste Africa and quickly spread to the world. This process began prijeotprilike 100,000 years.
Anthropologists and geneticists InstitutaMax Planck Institute in Germany and the company 454 Life Sciences Corp. in SjedinjenimAmeričkim States, or subsidiaries of Swiss group Roche, were sequenced more than one billion DNA fragments extracted from Neanderthal trijuokamina from sites in the Vindija Cave in Ivanec In Croatia. Also used are fossils from sites in Germany, Spain and Russia.
Two groups of scientists have sequenced ukupnoviše of three billion base pairs of Neanderthal DNA omogućivšisastavljanje more than 60 percent of the entire genome of the hominids.
sequences of DNA can now be compared with the genomes of humans ičimpanze, whose sequences already determined. Based on these usporedabaznanstvenici could present the first findings of which are genomneandertalca different from todays human genome. | |

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