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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.



Climate change is deleted from the face of the earth most of the creatures, aljudska population will be reduced to less than one billion to the evolucijaZemlje, upozoravavodeći British expert on climate

Climate change will delete the licaZemlje most living beings, and human populations will be reduced down from the billions, warns a leading British expert on climate.
Earth is a living organism Gaia, argues that High temperatureEuropu upustinju turn, and that the average summer in it already in 2040. be 43 degrees, like today in Baghdad.
Sahara will expand to Europe ... Youll arrive at the extinction of unprecedented proportions because of shortages of food and drinking water, said the scientist told Reuters in an interview.
Number of people in the hot, desert world will fall by seven billion milijardina only .
Lovelock believes that it is already too late to stop this process, aosobito considered ridiculous attempts to achieve this goal trgovinomemisija greenhouse gas emissions or promoting alternative izvoraenergije like wind turbines or solar collectors. dasa Lovelock believes the best solution for slowing global warming nuklearneelektrane.
But even if emissions are now reduced to zero, the cooling of the Earth is too late.
Its like supertankers. You can not stop it immediately gašenjemmotora.
Instead of futile effort he proposes the creation of green oases that bimogle avoid the most drastic consequences of climate change. |

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