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Etymology Surnames occurrence

Etymology of the name tells about the origin of surnames and how sunastala. Tararas Maori imeza Croats and many Croatians, Dalmatians, namely, married maorskežene

Tararas Maori imeza Croats and many Croatians, Dalmatians, namely, married maorskežene.Odnosi between Croats and Maori who sekrajem 19th and early 20th century found in the global arena that jeodredila their identities: Maori within the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Hrvatiunutar.
Maori lost their land, azbog Austro-Hungarian policy towards Dalmatia, many were impoverished hrvatskeobitelji so he started going to the many immigrants in zemljeNovoga world. Part Dalmatians ended up in New Zealand, where suradili They came from villages in central Dalmatia, mostly from Makarska hinterland and from the island of Korcula, Brac, Hvar, Lastovo Ivis. Their families were so poor that they often Crkvaposuđivala money for the trip to New Zealand, and they would later return.
Painful work
But instead of a better life, young men from Dalmatia in the New Zealand welcomed jemukotrpan job digging kauri resin. It was jedinstvenanovozelandska industry, exploitation of fossilized resin kauristabala was used for the manufacture of varnishes and linoleum.
- I tried was one of the worst jobs in New Zealand, who was at the dobabio British colony. They were dug in the wild, they sjednoga moved to another location, did not speak English, and worked ugrupama. They were quite restrained and discriminated putemzakonskih regulations to dig with the British and Irish diggers.
Isolated Croatian kopačismole discovered it was easier to make contact with Maori than sanglosaksonskim diggers. Maori are more like working in groups, aponekad the team worked together with the Croats. Mixed društvenaokupljanja between Croats and Maori have become commonplace
contact with Maori
- there was not any romance or excessive similarity culture alone, but it was a complete dislocation and discrimination and Dalmatians Maorana and New Zealand, of course , in different contexts, random spojkoji happens on the margins of a marginal colonial state.
Although New Zealand colonized 1840th year period between the 1880th i1920. The worst in the history of Maori because then break njihovetradicionalne tribal communities as a way of life associated with them, they Akos disease. They are then looking for work face Dalmatincimana kopalištima team and begin to interfere with each other.
Initially, neither Croats nor Maori are tečnogovorili English and have developed specific communication ihrvatskom the Maori language. To highlight his relationship with the Croats, Maori respondents sought a new word, Tarara, and thus highlight razlikuizmeđu Croats and Britons. Some linguists argue that glasovnaanalogija most likely explanation of the word. Moorish slušateljeprivuklo the hard r that the English could not pronounce.
Dalmatians women Maorke
- Croats are marrying Maorkinje mass because the small number of women njimadolazio from Dalmatia. The exact number of Croatian-maorskih marriages is not known, there are some records in some churches and marriage certificates, but not much takvihdokumenata.
I was interested in oral history, as idjeca of these marriages and their identity problem - she was SenkaBožić-Vrbancic, which was discussed during his research smnogim descendants of Croatian-maorskih marriages. |

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