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The legend of Draculas Castle palace

The legend tells that the castle was cruel Vlad, who was nicknamed dobioprema The way he tortured his prisoners, he spent one night in the castle, drakulindvorac, built in the 14th century as a fortress against the Ottoman nadirućih ...

medieval castle Bran, who seuzdiže over the cliffs above the Romanian town of Brasov, known jeturistička attraction because of its ties to Prince Vlad Tepes - or onajkoji Impaler from the 15th century whose cruelty inspiriralaBrama Stoker for his novel Dracula was published 1897th
Premalegendi, cruel Vlad, who earned his nickname because of the way jemučio prisoners, spent one night in this castle, built in the 14th century as a fortress against the Ottoman nadirućih.
Rumunjskakraljevska family moved into the castle prošlogstoljeća twenties, living there until 1948., when it was communist režimkonfiscirao from Princess Ileana.
After restoration of 80-ies of last century and the fall komunističkevladavine, became popular as Dracula Castle.
in May 2006. returned to Princess Ileanas son, New York arhitektuDominicu Habsburg - 69, who promised to keep it open as a museum do2009., but he immediately offered to buy Romania for 80 milijunadolara. This the offer is rejected. |

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