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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Child Soldiers

A story told by child soldiers. After some time, and počinjeboljeti head. You start to vomit Ivis can not sleep. All those people you killed, and still screaming head utvojoj. Then typically wish to put forth his hand to himself ...

not know what they are talking about child soldiers sweets. Probali.Meso were never tried. Long. Never had niloptu or doll. Not go to school. Even if it was free, because one nemajutaj dollar for a pen and notebook. For it would have been required icipele. There are not many among them who have ever had. These children know the same war. Most of it is looking around your house. for rape and pljačkutakođer know. They are just happy to saw.
Many idoživjeli it on your skin. When asked who they are, everyone will jednakoodgovoriti. They are the children of Africa. mother is that they love and istovremenotako coarse rejects. She Who were the ancient customs but first danaživota firmly tied to his back and brought into the world. problem is tomešto something soon went wrong. Others are alone. Millions of them danaslutaju streets of African cities. hungry, half naked and sick. ihukradu thousands from their homes and forced into the army. Boys bloody hands idjevojčice forced into prostitution. Africa it is quite. Mother imaćeha.
At first glance, the typical African teenagers. Music idolsvima a black American rapper 50Cent, Eminem and about white sespremni immediately spat. still harder to tackle debate on European football.
After a while you begin to hurt glava.Počneš vomit and you can no longer sleep. All those people you killed idalje screaming in your head. then typically wish to put forth his hand sebe.I just when you think you came Finally, the truck passes through the village of UN a.Uskočiš at him like crazy, run away. wake up the next morning in ovomcentru and realize that God has given you another chance.
They were afraid because iizdaje that their former commanders learned where they are, head to fly from the shoulder. When they finally maloprimirili teachers, the boys began to talk. First of football and the girls. Order has occurred and reconciliation in that most - a military issue. Danaskažu to know that they were manipulated. drug that is in postrojbamadijelila fist and a cap was sufficient to oblivion. promise isilovanja robbery was stirred their youthful juices. And so they lived iubijali years. How sincere are their words, it is difficult to say, nosvi claim to repent.
Home - Most of us were taken to the woods to silu.Išli are in the ranks of those who first arrived. There is no policy. tepokupi Whos you and you soon learn to really hate all the others. First budeteško you, miss family, and then you realize that your mom and dad and nisubaš were too sad when youre gone. So they remained more hrane.Tu otupiš and commander realizes that the moment for you that rifle. snjom the first play and then you have been commanded to kill someone. Zažmiriš and pucaš.Najteže the first time, the later is easy. Drogiraš and drink, and you sepolako starting to like the way you live. you seem to be more nisidijete. powerful you are, and all the colors - we sing are told.
Onošto this film virgins six friends from different still njihovihkolega who remained in the woods is a conscience which, despite everything, in the wake njimaipak.
Yes, after a while you begin boljetiglava. You start to vomit and you can no longer sleep. All those people who siubio still screaming in your head. then typically wish nasebe put up his hand. And just when you think it is over, pass through the villages kamionUN. Uskočiš at him like crazy, run away. wake up the next morning, In the paper the center and realize that God has given you another chance ..

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