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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Carnivorous dinosaurs look

Carnivorous dinosaurs that describes their appearance were brzokretali with powerful hind legs and long repautrkujući for prey with any third creature, previously found that jelovilo in the water and beyond ...

Two strange carnivorous dinosaurs that hunted the rich forests of Africa prior to about 110 milijunagodina, were found in Niger, U.S. znanstvenici.Oni drought moved quickly with the help of powerful hind legs and long tail utrkujućise for prey with any third creature, found earlier, which was hunted out and introduces nje.Ta three large predators on shared prey šumskompodručju in the territory of present-day Niger, holding, Paul Sereno with američkogsveučilišta in Chicago, lead author of the study, which will list the bitiobjavljeno Acta Palaeontologica polonica.
Eocarchiadinops or shark krvoločnog view, a creature of enormous forehead, around 12 meters long, was without doubt a major predator. nožnekandže His teeth and tearing the limbs and flesh plijena.Čelo biloizraženo the animals, and bone area gave His menacing expression. He koristiotu physical details of the conflict as a ram for partnera.Kryptopspalaios or old hidden face was about 7.60 meters long, whose bones discovered sufosilizirane 2000th year, as well as bone Eocarchiarie, was no doubt Judging from the small carnivorous paws and short njušciprilagođenijim for digging through bones, but to capture the animal živogplijena.Treća Suchomimus or crocodile mimic had jekrilata back and was about 11 feet long. And it was discovered Serena and to1997. year. These creatures show us it is very early, vjerojatnotijekom 20 or 30 million years, meat eating was divided by nanačin not found in the northern continent, said Sereno.Možnitiranosaur dominated the northern continent, but has not arrived doAfrike. These three carnivores have found a way to coexist. Serenovaekipa in 2000. found during the excavation of 20 tons of fossils in the istomnalazištu Sahari.Znanstvenici were examined fossils and pronašlidovoljno elements Eocarcharie Kryptops to confirm that these species ons. studying the bone structure and comparing sasličnim species from the same region 90 million years ago, managed suizraditi possible dinosaura.Sereno picture holds that Eocarcharia malosličila tyrannosaur, a Kriptos with short necks and small feet noju.Obojica the feathers could have as many predators of the time.

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