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Potato chips and viagra, accidental discovery

Random findings and good discoveries, for example, chips odkrumpira, Viagra, penicillin ...

Potato Chips
top 10 accidental discoveries
best and the biggest discoveries happen by accident.
So lets say a Norwegian dreamed of sitting on a small glowing circle around it suncudok some balls. As soon as the woke up, he wrote what jesanjao and got her dream - a Nobel Prize.
These oNielsu Bohr who was actually dreamed the structure of atoms. Balls are bileelektroni and sun nucleus. Coincidentally Bohrs brain actually samoposložio thing on which he already worked.
However, there are slučajnija discovery, and we are publishing some of them.
Viagra Men who have problems with impotence should be zahvalniukrudbama that in 1992. men received Merthyr Tydfila, uWalesu villages in which the observed anti-gravity effect on the flabby ukrutnikemuškaraca where they tested a new drug for angina pectoris. Prijetoga this mining town was famous for producing drugačijegželjeza.
LSD Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann prvičovjek in the world went on a trip when the accident prstomprenio the lip a few grains diethilamid Lysergic acid, chemicals which explored as a potential tool for olakšavanjezačeća. later tried a bigger dose of LSD and discovered a bad trip.
3 X-rays
Several scientists in the 19th century, played with materials suradioaktivni. However, X-rays were not discovered until the German Röntgen znanstvenikWilhelm not in front of a special vacuum tube staviofluorescentni screen. This discovery was awarded the first Nobel Prize zafiziku 1,901th year. While more Nobody in the world did not know ponovitiRöntgenov experiment, as mere show of force Nikola Tesla jeposlao him x-rayed his foot in the shoe.
Penicillin Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming was researching the flu and prehladu1928., when he noticed that the blue-green mold had infected najednoj his petri dishes - and killed all stafilokoknebakterije! All buismo really should be grateful zaboravnostiFleminga.
Artificial sweeteners Speaking of botched ulaboratoriju, three leading pseudo-sugars reached human lips only stunt because scientists forgot to wash your hands. Cyclamate - 1937. and aspartame - 1965. are byproducts of medical research, and saccharin pojaviotijekom research tar distillate, or hard coal - 1879..
6 Microwave Oven Microwave
emitters - or magnetrons powered Allied radaretijekom Second World War. leap from detecting Nazis premapucketanju popcorn came in 1946., after a magnetron melted a candy bar udžepu engineer Percy Spencer of Raytheon Corporation.
Brandy Medieval wine merchants used to boil water from wine kakobi and take up less cargo along it could not spoil. Nijetrebalo long as one of the transport team, bet we namornare, he decided to undertake the re-addition of water.
8th Vulcanization rubber
Tire fires on the cold and sticky in the heat, if nijevulkanizirana. ancient inhabitants of Central America had its načinvulkanizacije, which is again 1839th discovered American Charles Goodyeartako you threw into the fire some pieces of rubber in which sulfur was added ikasnije accidentally discovered that these pieces of elastic, if not sticky, and durable.
9 Electricity
Even the Phoenician traders prodavalijantar - which is the Greek says, electron, petrified resin crnogoricešto can be found on the sandy beaches north of Europe. To boljeprodali transparent pieces which are often captured and frozen insects, the Phoenicians were rubbing cloth to polish amber. So nekogaslučajno pecnula spark. As always a stunt pecnutiiskrom someone, it is clear why it attracted the attention of scientists ...
Look for your children and love it, said the Indian chief Seattle tadašnjemameričkom President Franklin Pierce when he was 1854th godineodlučio buy Indian land in the northwest of America.
chief, who was named to the American city of Seattle, of course, nijeuspio preserve Indian land, but his letter bijelomčovjeku has become a global environmental message that is now more topical negokada was written.
Global Warming which carries sveučestalije weather extremes, relentless clearing of tropical forests, brojnebiljne and animal species on the brink of extinction, infectious diseases poputAIDS, a shortage of drinking water that leads to political instability, Samos some of the serious weakness of our blue planet whose day obilježavamosvake on 22 of April.
idea of ​​Earth Day in the minds of Americans rođenaje Tamarasa Peter and John McConnela tuzamisao who first introduced the 1969th The conference of UNESCO. Samnaziv Earth Day was coined by Joseph Alioto, a former mayor SanFrancisca, where in 1970. The first celebration was held in honor našegplaneta.
How many famous our planet?
first How old is Earth? A. 6000 years B. c.oko two billion years 4.6 billion years
second Where is the highest measured temperatures on Earth? A. El Azizia - Libya b Death Valley - Calif. c. Dallol - Ethiopia
third Where the measured lowest temperature on Earth? A. Istraživačkastanica Vostok - Antarctica b McMurdo Research Station - Antarctica c. McGill Research Station - Arctic
fourth What is the largest volcano on our planet? A. Mauna Kea B. Krakatoa c.Mauna Loa
fifth What is its volcano eruption kills the most people? A. Tambora b.Vezuv c. Mount Pelee
6th The creator of the famous Gaia theory of Earth as a living samoregulirajućemorganizmu is: A. Lynn Margulis b c Carl Sagan. James Lovelock
7th Where and when was the deadliest earthquake in recorded history? A. Disable 1976th B. In the China 1557th The c. In Chile, 1960th The eighth
The dodo bird, giant birds from the family of pigeons that are not moglaletjeti, lived in: a Madagascar Mauritius B. c. Maldives
9th The longest river in the world: a b Amazon Yangtze c. Nile
10th The largest lake on Earth: a Lake Victoria Kaspijskojezero B. c. Lake Baikal
11th What is the name of books that influenced the birth of the green movement: a Inconvenient Truth B. Our Common Future c. You dumb spring
12th Through how many countries it covers and what size amazonskeprašume? A. Nine countries and 5.5 million square kilometers površineb. Six countries and 4.8 million square kilometers of area c. Sedamzemalja and 5.2 million square kilometers of surface
13th Which city has the highest population? A. Mexico City Tokyo B. c. Mumbai
14th It is estimated that there are about 13 million species of which jeopisano: a 1.75 million species of five million species of B. c. 3.5 milijunavrsta
15th What is the greatest danger to biological diversity? A. Hunting and Fishing b.Različite invasive species c. Loss of habitat
16th Since 1990. disappearing every year: a 10 million hectares šumeb. 13 million hectares of forest c. 30 million hectares of forest
17th Croatia has ratified the Kyoto Protocol: A. 2005. The b.2006. 2007th The 18th
In the last 100 years the temperature on Earth has grown to: a.jedan two degree Celsius degree centigrade B. c. three Celzijevastupnja
19th Stabilize the level of greenhouse gases, temperatures will: A. stop B. to grow and continue growing pace of 0.1 degree Celsius per decade c. reduce the
20th Kojiklimatolog claims that global warming will soon spin out of control? A. Bjorn Lomborg Nicolas Stern, B. c. James Hansen
1 - c Our planet is a star about 4.6 billion years ago. Newer istraživanjapokazuju that the earth is older than previously thought and that jenastala 10 million years after the birth of the Sun. This svemirskidogađaj occurred before 4.6 billion years ago.
2 - a The maximum temperature of 57.8 degrees Celsius was measured September 13 1922nd in El Azizia in Libya.
3 - a The lowest ever temperature of minus 89 Celsius stupnjevaizmjerena on 21 July 1983. The research station at Vostok naAntarktici.
4 - c The largest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa in Hawaii.
5 - a The eruption of Tambora volcano on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia 10.travnja 1815th was considered the deadliest so far. Powerful vulkanskitrzaj caused a tsunami that killed 10,000 people. However, due to starvation ibolesti that took place after the disaster has died 80.000ljudi, so that the total number of victims was greater than 90,000.
6 - c The theory Gea launched in 1969. The British scientist JamesLovelock. He proposed a new, holistic view of the Earth by kojemsva living and inanimate nature makes the system unique, svojevrsnimegaorganizam, it is a living planet with the ability to self-regulation iprilagodbe changes. His theory, the proposal writer WilliamaGoldinga, called Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of Earth.
6 - b The deadliest earthquake in the history of mankind is considered onajšto in 1556. The hit Chinese province Shaansi. It is believed that jetada killed 830 000 people.
8 - a The dodo lived naMauricijusu, and died the 1681st at the time nizozemskihkolonizatora. It was a stocky and plump birds, strong legs ikratkog white tail. Dodo could not fly, but the gag tlu.Nezgrapan and sluggish, according to some blunt the dodo was easy plijenkolonizatorima and animals that are brought to Mauritius like dogs.
9 - c the longest river in the world is the African Nile River, which is duga6695 kilometers. In second place is Amazon, which is long 6280kilometara. However, for some time because there is discussion brazilskiznanstvenici two years ago found her new source uperuanskim Andes and concluded that the 6800 kilometers long.
10 - b The largest lake in the world is the Caspian whose površina394.000 square kilometers. On the shores of the Caspian Sea is pannier countries: Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
11 - c The book silently Spring - Silent Spring American znanstveniceRachel Carson considers the environmental manifesto that prompted rađanjeekopokreta. The book was published 1962nd year, and it deals with problems iopasnostima which leads to the use of pesticides.
12 - a Plućaplaneta as many called the Amazon forest, stretches napovršini of 5.5 million square kilometers. It spreads through devetzemalja: Brazil - 60 percent, Peru - 13 percent, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
13 - b According to UN figures from 2007. years, Tokyo has the highest population, even 35.7 million. Population in Mexico City and Mumbai moving Seok 19 million.
14 - a so far described milijunavrsta about 1.75, a day die many animal and plant species that ljudinisu could not meet, let alone describe.
15 - c The greatest threat to biodiversity is habitat loss.
16 - b American scientists have estimated that each year disappears oko13 million hectares of forests, which corresponds to the size of Greece.
17 - c The Croatian Parliament ratified the Kyoto Protocol 27th April 2007. This important international agreement commits the industry to razvijenezemlje 2012. reduce the emission of greenhouse gases okopet percent compared to 1990. year.
18 - a Znanstveniciprocjenuju that the average temperature on Earth over the last 100 years rose about one degree Celsius.
19 - b In the short term is not possible to stop global warming. Even when Bise stabilize the emission level to that of 2000. The temperature of naZemlji continued to grow at a rate of 0.1 degree Celsius podesetljeću.
20 - c The famous American climatologist James Hansen devised-in Goddard Institute believes that the current pace we emisijestakleničkih gas emissions by 2016. years to reach turning point when ćeglobalno warming completely escape our control. Hansen jepoznat and conflict with the Bush administration. | |

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