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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Earths future tourist destinations in China

The Earths future, China will become the largest turističkadestinacija, skiing in the Alps will become history, and space tourism uobičajenarazonoda rich

While on a cruise ship by a large aircraft poputnosača relaxes in a room, which changes the appearance, the robot ormaresmješta in his luggage. Seksualneusluge robotized traveler ordered, and the entertainment includes a mechanical waitress in sobudonijela champagne.
Characteristics that will turizampoprimiti 2050. influenced the development of technology and globalnogzagrijavanja, aging population and scarcity of food, water and fuel.
1950th approximately 25 million people traveled abroad for godišnjepraznike and 2030. that would figure could grow to 1.9 billion.
China will by then become the largest tourist destination, skiing uAlpama will become history, and space tourism commonplace razonodabogatih.
believed that the society of the future postatikontroliranije and Tourism once again become massive. umjetnicentri Closed for skiing, circuses, zoos, golf courses, umjetnipejzaži and huge cruisers could become a new tourist attraction.
Robots should reduce costs in the tourism industry that will grow spovećanjem fuel prices, electricity , water and food.
Robotics will become important because we will have shortages radnesnage.Razvit will be some kind of interaction will ukojoj certain robots to perform everyday tasks. construct more frequently and prostitutes - robots that will not transmit STD-poputHIV A.
ćetakođer technology enable the development of sensitive beds, which will record potrebeljudi and chemical wallpaper that will change colors to respond naraspoloženje guest. |

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