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White Race is the lack of sunlight and vitamin D

The inhabitants of Scandinavia developed the brightest štobolje skin to compensate for the lack of sunlight and vitamin D in the diet

people of Europe have become a white-skinned, about 5500 years ago, new research pokazalasu Norwegian scientists.
Experts believe that to sudden changes in skin color occurred in the diet spromjenama when people from hunters - Collector postalipretežno farmers.
Reduced feeding the amount of meat in combination with small amounts of sun in the northern parts Zemljeuzrokovale lower levels of vitamin D. In fact, food uzgojenapoljoprivredom has less vitamin D, a dark-skinned pigments kožeblokiraju ultraviolet rays that make it possible to create uorganizmu.
Experts from the University of Oslo vjerujuda this change in diet triggered changes in skin color in order to overcome the problem seovaj.
previous studies have already shown dapostoji correlation between levels of vitamin D and skin color . Znanstvenicisu previously believed that the migration of people to the north of the main causes promjenau quantities of pigment, however, a new study has shown that it is important uloguodigrala and nutrition.
inhabitants of Scandinavia developed the brightest skin to the sun and boljekompenzirali lack of vitamin D in diet.
If this theory is confirmed it would mean that the early Europeans biliznatno darker complexions.
Johan Moan of the British Institute of Physics explains how uEngleskoj before 5500 - 5200 years there was a sudden Changes in prehranimnavikama and that the proportion of fish in the diet significantly reduced. Agricultural food did not have sufficient vitamin D, aSunčevo radiation was too weak to make it produce enough to tamnukožu.
One recent study conducted in the United Državamapokazala that about 50 percent of young African American is too low razinevitamina.

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