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Benito Mussolini Biography

Biography: My name is Mussolini. Benito Mussolini. Zvučinevjerojatno but jedanje British historian has found documents that reveal nepoznatidio career, the Italian Duce and Hitlers chief ally jejedno that time was a British agent

Home - My name is Mussolini.Benito Mussolini. It sounds incredible, but a British povjesničarpronašao documents that reveal the unknown part karijeretalijanskoga Duce and Hitlers chief ally is a British agent vrijemebio.
Well, not just worked for Bonds home agency. recruited him, namely, nursing counterintelligence agency, MI5.
Peter Martland, a Cambridge historian, found Mussolini and the list of toll agencies from 1917. year.
weekly wage that helped in the political beginnings of the future fašističkogdiktatora was then 100, and in todays protuvrijednosti6000 pounds.
then 34-year old journalist wanted to Italijanastavi fight on the Allied side in World War II and was jespreman do more than publish propaganda in its list.
- Italy, after the withdrawal of Russia from the war, Britain bilanajnepouzdaniji ally. Mussolini was drafted in the fall 1917th and was jeaktivan least a year. Its main task was to advocate the rat.Britanija at all costs wanted to avoid a strike that would zaustaviorad in factories.
At that time 100 pounds a week biopopriličan amount for payment of a journalist, but compared with četirimilijuna pounds that Britain spent a day on the war, it is biositniš. Historians believe that the great ženskarMussolini good deal of cash spent on mistresses, but it still nemadokaza.
Agent Mussolini says, is offered to Hoareu ćeposlati Italian army veterans to beat prosvjednikeprotiv War in Milan.
Benito Andrea Mussolini - Predappio, July 29, 1883rd - Giulino di Mezzegra, April 28, 1945., Italian politician, statesman, leader of the fascist - Duce and nacionalnidiktator from 1925th to 1943rd
political career began kaosocijalist becoming one of the prominent leaders of the Italian left. brushing first World War is increasingly splitting with his party kolegamazbog advocating Italian intervention on the side Antante.1919. with like-minded people founded the fascist party, which is rapidly developing ever closer to the Right What is the Mussolini away odranijih idea.
After winning the local authorities and campaign journalists 1922nd he became Prime Minister, and various repressive and autoritarnimmjerama until 1925., and the Italian dictator. During the thirties vodiagresivnu foreign policy closer to Hitler and nacističkojNjemačkoj with whom 1940th enters the war against the Western Allies. Nakonniza failure and the U.S. invasion in 1943. was removed from office ipritvoren, but quickly released him and the Germans postavaljaju diktatoramarionetske for the Italian Social Republic ruled by the end of it ratakada partisans captured and shot.

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