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You can learn from history and read about geography and history of the world. The history of Rome, Europe, America, Asia.


Astronomy discovered the planet

Discovered planet, called Corot-9b is one of about 400 egzoplanetaotkrivenih uorbitama around other stars, however, is the first that has temperaturevrlo similar terrestrial

discovered a planet with a temperate climate similar to Earths
SCIENTISTS have discovered the first planet with a temperate climate like naZemljinu, a technique used will be important to continue the quest cooperative planets outside our solar system.
Planet nazvanCorot-9b is one of about 400 exoplanets discovered in okodrugih orbits a star, however, is the first that has a temperature very sličnezemaljskim. orbits a star, Corot-9 away around 1500 in the constellation svjetlosnihgodina Shield - Scutum.
Terms of exoplanets down during transit or prolaskaplaneta front of its parent star.
This exoplanet is a normal temperate conditions. Although we previously otkrilidesetak like this is the first whose properties can be thoroughly explored.
Corot-9b is first exoplanet that stvarnonalikuje planets in our solar system. poputJupiterove his size and the size of Mercurys orbit. |

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