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Zagreb asteroid, astronomers

The asteroid, which in March 2008. Was discovered by a young hrvatskiastronomi Cikota Alexander and Stefan, has been appointed as (187 700

asteroid, which in March 2008. Godineotkrili young Croatian astronomers Aleksandar and Stefan Cikota, appointment as - 187 700 in Zagreb.
Specifically, when an asteroid is detected accurately determine its orbit, according to the Regulations Međunarodneastronomske Union - IAU, the discoverer has the right to propose his ime.Blizanci Cikota, 20-year old student of physics at the University of Zurich, its been decided to appoint to the discovery of the Croatian capital.
Asteroid - 187 700 moves in Zagreb, the capital asteroid belt, Jupiter and izmeđuMarsa speed of about 18.2 kilometers per second. jedanobilazak For the Sun it takes 4.4 years. jepromjer estimated that this celestial body between two and three kilometers.
Asteroid - 187 700 Zagreb unveiled on 2 March 2008. year sazvjezdarnice La Sagra, which is located at an altitude of 1613.8 meters on brduSierra de La Sagra in Andalusia. This observatory work započelakrajem 2006th year, is engaged exclusively in research and otkrivanjemmalih bodies of the Solar systems.
Together with colleagues sazvjezdarnice La Sagra Alexander and Stefan Cikota preko2300 previously discovered new asteroids. Owing to the large number of measurements and discoveries that observatory since August 2008. was proclaimed an skysurvey. - We are the first amateur team which has the status of Sky Survey, a falcon astrometrijskih 100 000 measurements per month currently belongs among petnajproduktivnijih observatory in the world - said Stefan Cikota.
Alexander and Stefan Cikota born in Osijek, but they kaodvogodišnjaci parents moved to Switzerland. After 9.5 godinaživota in Switzerland, moved to Zagreb where he finished elementary school isrednju. passion for astronomy, have discovered a 12-godišnjacisudjelujući of Hercules. There 2003rd godineupoznali German amateur astronomer Reiner M. Stross, and expert zaastrometriji photometry of asteroids, who collaborated on sazvjezdarnicom Malllorci on a project of robotic telescopes had access to these telescopes.
It is a project in which Alexander the Cikota uljeto 2008th year worked at the NASA Space Telescope ScienceInstitute - STScl in Baltimore as one of 16 students izabranig među450 candidates.

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