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Beer technology, types of beer and wine from honey

The most popular types of Danish beer Tuborg and Carlsberg, but try and have paid some local species. Other drinks should definitely kušativino honey

most popular types of Danish beer Carlsberg and suTuborg, but worth a try, and some local species. Odostalih drinks, you should taste the wine, honey - mjřd and pritompripaziti because it is a very strong alcoholic drink, which can easily zavarasvojim sweet taste. Danes some of the most important cultural spomenikamogu just thank brewery tradition. Thus, the construction and fundusgliptoteke Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek-funded visit to the famous beer obitelj.Za Glyptothek is well separated at least two or three hours to Bise visited really rich collection, and to break in predvorjugliptoteke, which is regulated as a small lovely botanical garden. >>
Scandinavia travel
Another Danish cultural icon of the Little Mermaid monument, located ublizini Copenhagen docks, which is formed by donating poznatepivarske other families, Jakobsen. Master brewer Jakobsen tolikose liked the story of Andersens Little Mermaid, that he gave izraditispomenik which has since become a symbol of the Danish kind trade mark.
Monument is best to visit one odturističkih boats that leave from Nyhavn, and she does ins can be seen parts of which are mainly intended for housing. And here jearhitektura very simple, but in a modern, almost futurističkiminimalističkoj version. But the charm of these new settlements give kućesmještene on the docks, where instead of cars in front of house parked - sailing.
Neither the Danes, as niNizozemci not cover the windows and curtains, and it supports the thesis dasa away from the stereotypes of cold and distanced people, drawn into his shell. After all, they will often say to themselves that they are skandinavskijužnjaci and tourists will definitely notice that the word ojednostavnim and generally modest, very unpretentious people, who enjoy a comfortable and uživotu no wanton way, although they know very dobrozabaviti and implemented in bučnijoj variants.
even have iposebnu word for such enjoyment - hygge. It is untranslatable, aopisuje happiness and pleasure, creating a good society, space, lighting, food, drinks, music ... or all together. |

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