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Mediterranean Sea surface temperature and sea

Mediterranean Sea is the Atlantic ocean, whose surface is about 2.5milijunakm ² which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the stem Gibraltarskitjesnac (width 14 km

The Mediterranean Sea is moreAtlantskog ocean surface about 2.5 million km ², which is connected smatičnim Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar - width 14 km. Situated between Europe to the north of Asia to the East, and Africa najugu, except with the parent ocean is associated with the Indian Ocean prekoSueskog canal and Red Sea, on the Black Sea through the Bosporus. Zemljekoje surround the Mediterranean Sea called the Mediterranean countries, and cijelopodručje Sea and Mediterranean coastal states. sea is warm. Ljetnatemperatura rarely reaches 30 degrees Celsius, and winter jakorijetko fall below the 15th

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