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MOUNTAIN CROATIAN Dinara and Velebit Kamesnica

Croatian mountains are the following: Dinara (Dinara 1,831 m

Croatia nemaplanina higher than 2000 m Croatian mountains could be divided into dvijeskupine: island Croatian interior mountains, Dinaric and planinskilanac that extends through the mountainous and coastal region of Croatia in pravcusjeverozapad-southeast. Dinarides were formed tectonic movements, or the approach of the African lithospheric plate euroazijskojlitosfernoj panel, in the process of the Alpine orogeny.
highest mountains - over 1500 m are - in parentheses are the names of the highest peaks: 1 Dinara - Dinara 1,831 m 2 Kamesnica - Kamesnica 1.810 m 3 slope - St. Jure1, 762 yards 4 Velebit - Vaganski top 1.758 m 5 PljeĊĦivica - frostbite 1.657 m 6 Great Chapel - Bjelolasica 1.533 m 7 Risnjak - Risnjak 1.528 m 8.Svilaja - Svilaja 1.508 m 9 Snjeznik - Snjeznik 1.506 m in planinskimprostorima of relief and climate is possible razvojplaninskog and winter tourism.

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