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MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES OF THE WORLD The beaches on the Adriatic, Zlatni Rat

Zlatni rat in Bol napopisu of 40 most beautiful and most unusual places in the world. Njihovojocjeni The Gold War is among the worlds most beautiful beaches and beach naJadranu.

In their assessment of Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, all accompanied by the following text: For those who think they are equal sveplaĹže - water, sand, waves may think again. Welcome to the Golden rat, a spectacular beach on the Croatian coast.
list Los Angeles Times found themselves truly unusual places, such as Great Blue Hole in the Bahamas, Ice Hotel in Sweden, the Maldives and Podvodnirestoran Cappadocia in Turkey. It Golden beach is ratzavrijedila another prestigious global recognition.
Poznataje by its natural phenomenon, is woven of white pebbles which sevrh due to winds and ocean currents tilted to one or drugustranu. They claim that this is the only beach in the world that vertical touching the shore.
Tourists say they are the fastest-war golden jednenjezine is darkened by the always calm. Legend tells that it is the ikamen happiness, in the form of a snail shell.
Zlatni rat postalaje not just the tourist trade mark Bola but simbolhrvatskog value of tourism. This famous beach is Bol on mnogimnaslovnicama tourist brochures. Her charm and magic of many can not resist.

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