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Tips and ideas for travel can be found in the Travels category. How to travel by plane, train, bus, student travel, travel costs by car, family vacation packages and cheap travel insurance.


Naive tourists fraud and robbery of tourists

Almost every famous tourist attraction is the opportunity to lokalnimtrgovcima of naive tourists get the most money. Jobs prevarai the robbery of tourists.

Almost every famous tourist attraction is the opportunity to lokalnimtrgovcima of naive tourists get the most money. Therefore maloljubitelja travel not fall into the so-called. Tourist traps, as the stunt too expensive, bad souvenirs and tasteless food you can taste it gdjena world. Experts say that it is not always the solution uizbjegavanju tourist traps, but in their avoidance. Umjestonajfrekventijom street, to your favorite sites can be reached via isporednim not on the route of travel guides, or similar place in blizinipronaći still unknown most posjetitelja.EiffelovtoranjSvjetski globetrotter claim that you will not miss anything If sezbog large crowds do not climb the Eiffel Tower. EgiptuZaobilazak Pyramid Pyramid is important to choose a good time visit, odnosnoizbjeći seasonal tourist rush. znamenitostiPoznatamjesta with Italian Italian postcards, like the Roman Trevi Fountain iliglavnog Venetian square of San Marco, are unavoidable. However, while we walk should not be too long to decide to withhold or to lunch, even no omissions. prices are astronomical and the food will delight you. Times Square, New YorkSvake square pass this year more than 35 million tourists uželji to feel the rhythm of the city that never sleeps. But To uživaliu its famous galleries, a variety of shops, museums iostalim urban charms must have strong elbows to the štolakše penetrated through the crowd. Much less known but equally privlačneznamenitosti are just a bit further, in Central Park. Mykonos, GrčkaBaš like ancient gods, Many tourists to the Mediterranean otokdolaze to enjoy the relaxation and entertainment. Do you want to avoid crowds unoćnim clubs or on the beaches full of fans vodenihsportova, it is better to stay at the nearby Delos is almost empty.

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