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MAURITIUS TRAVEL white rum and coconut milk

Mauritius is full of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs ikoktel bars where you will relax local cocktail, white rum and milk ikokosovo cheer music of all genres

oasis at the crossroads of European, African and Asian culture is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Od200 kilometers of coastline, 160 kilometers of white sandy waste plaže.Dug only 58 and 47 kilometers wide, Mauritius is full of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and cocktail bars where you opustitilokalni cocktail, white rum and coconut milk and cheer glazbasvih genres.
Taste camarons
Kreolskakuhinja, rich in unusual spices, consists of a lot indijskihspecijaliteta curries, Chinese and local delicacies flavor, apoznata as the best in the field of the maskarenskom tajotok named after the Dutch Prince. Chamarel Village an ideal place creeps tasting the local cuisine, the most famous dish is camarons - Cancer spicy sauce.
Although miniature, island vrvisvime: najuzavrelija point with most events is the capital of Port Louis, which must go to Postal Museum to close viditenajskuplju postage stamp in the world - Blue Mauritius. There are ikineska Pagoda, magnificent Muslim Jumma mosque, Hindu temple tekatolička Church, a diverse population of tourists are welcomed as stareprijatelje. source of inspiration to many a famous botanical garden ThePamplemousses Pierre Poivre who made the 1770th year and kojemužive century-old tortoise, and there is the royal palm posebnogznačenja, which blooms once every 40 years.
hills in seven colors
Garden, like the whole island, marked by images of extinct dodo pokojoj Island is known, and that was exterminated after the arrival Nizozemacana island in the 16th century. You will be delighted Chamarel - Mounds used unusual colors, in the midst of tropical forests, caused by uneven hlađenjalave.

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