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Colombia Cocaine and Colombian necktie attract tourists?

Colombians have decided to use his not-so-positive image usvijetu, so unless the slogan Colombia: The only danger is that ćetepoželjeti left, lure tourists and part of the figure PablaEscobara. Cocaine and Colombian necktie attract tourists?

Seventeen years after the death of Pablo Escobar državnogneprijatelja number one turned into a major tourist attraction.
Just his character and work to attract tourists in the Colombian city of Medellin.
Richest criminal in history is equally popular among tourists, as well as colonial architecture in Bogota or the Caribbean beach.
industrial city of Medellin has recently offered Pablo Tour, which uključujeposjet tomb of famous criminals, as well as a tour of his luksuznezatvorske cells and the house where he was killed. Once
turističkomoperatoru be very lucky, and offers afternoon sobitelji Escobar. For only $ 96 you can talk to braćomEscobar, drink coffee and visit a luxurious villa.
Pablovoladanjsko estate Hacienca Los Napoles, the which was held egzotičneživotinje, and held wild parties and enemies drowning in a pool, a theme park today.
profited from Escobar and Nacionalnimuzej police in Bogota, which has a most attractive Pablovamaterijalna good, like a tailor-made Harleyja Davidson, zlatomobložene guns and a table with hidden compartments. |

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