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Indian Mythology Myth and Religion

Ever mingling of myth and religion has made India zemljombogatih fantastic story of divine intervention of the gods ...

Vječito preplitanje myth and religion has made India the land bogatihfantastičnih story of divine intervention of the gods who descend on the back međuljude Garuda - mythical bird that the gods descend to earth uvišestrukim shapes to symbolize their overall power and strength shines all izkojih life energy that controls this ljudskimaterijalni world.
Stories oljubavi represent separate Corps stories in which love exists ukontekstu eternal desire for attaining pure love - pomaloutopistički concept, which often remains unrealized because mnogihperipetija and involvement of those sinister, where one remains-laws karma to relive her captivity from which to draw nakondevet or more reincarnations in various forms before sesjedini love with her or is the motive kšatrijskeljubavi - love the warrior that is close to that of medieval poimanjukulta ladies, where knights fight for the hand of Princess which is captured enemy king removed. Indian writers, as well as iGrčki, held myths inspiring for their actions.
Indian deities TrojstvoOmTilakBrahmaVishnuKrishnaBudhaShivaGaneshParvatiSarasvati
Thus, in the ancient times, Kalidasa composed his Sakuntalu - which jemit, the dramatic forms which in India is the alpha and omegustare drama, and that this is no exception and in poetry, and contemporary potvrditće poet Sarojini Naidu, whose songs are dubokoukorijenjene in traditional and mythological, which resemble hymns where she ljubavnogkraktera invokes Parvati - goddess who is fearless and enchanted svojomljepotom srditog Shiva during meditation for help.
All this mythological world of the Indian world still nerazoren ineraskidan. Ganga is still divine river, and came from Šivinogpramena hair, which is done plenty of rituals dedicated to the lotus, which is believed to have started opening beneath the feet of the first steps malogaKrišne, which later rose to the height, because it was embodied samogVišnua. |

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