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IBIZA TRIP nightlife

Ibiza has a great nightlife, but also a large number of beaches nakojima equally well have fun during the day

entertainment capital of Spain idealanje choice for all who have a good time is important to odmoru.Ibiza has a great nightlife, but also a large number of beaches on kojimase just as well have fun during the day. Do not miss a day of rest posjetitikraljice - Las Salinas, Talamanca, Figueretas and Playa denBossa.
Ibiza continues relentlessly attracts okorjelepartijanere places that guarantee the craziest time: Calle de la Virgen ustaroj port quarter with numerous bars, as well as large diskoklubovimaizvan city. Capital is one of Ibiza of the loveliest mediteranskihgradića. Located on the edge of the bay with a picturesque natural harbor, surrounded by Astaro core medieval walls. Ibiza Jei great advantage to the city bus lines connected with any of 56 beach naotoku. With the largest, Playa den Bossa has plenty of modern hotels, restaurants , shops, bars and nightclubs.
If preferiratemirniji vacation spot Talamanca with a sandy beach imposes seka perfect choice. Although the bars and shops offer something more modest, the distance is only 15 minutes walk from the city of Ibiza and the rest provided odličnukombinaciju fun. Once a fishing village, Playa San Antonio, today became the most important and most famous seaside resort on the island, along the seaside promenade are numerous hotels, bars, restaurants idiskoklubovi, where the fun does not stop until the early morning hours.

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