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CAPITAL Latvia Riga, city accommodation

Riga is the capital of Latvia is about 720 000 inhabitants dalekonajveći city of this country. Accommodation in town at the mouth of the River Daugava uBaltičkomore, in the southern part of Gulf Riškog

Latvia, and Latvia is often called, jepribaltička European country. Borders with Estonia to the north, naistoku Russia, Belarus to the southeast and Lithuania to the south. In the western Baltic Sea izlazina.
Riga is the capital city ​​of Latvia is about 720.000stanovnika far the largest city in this country. located at the mouth rijekeDaugave in the Baltic Sea, the southern part Riškog Bay. jenajveći Riga city in the Baltic countries and serves as a major cultural, educational, political, financial, commercial and industrial centarBaltika. The old part of Riga is on UNESCOs World Heritage List, because it has the largest number of buildings in the style of Art Nouveau - Jugendstil in Europe.
Rigaje officially became a city 1,201th year. 6administrativnih is divided into units: the Centre, Kurzeme , Ziemelju, Latgale, Vidzemei ​​Zemgale. historic center of Riga is situated on the right bank of the Daugava, about 10 km from its mouth.
climate is influenced by the proximity of the sea, thus mild and humid. summers are chilly and cloudy, tople.Prosječna and winter temperature in January is -4.7 ° C. Snow is the average oko40% on the year.

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