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Danish capital Copenhagen Airport

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Capital, the main building of Denmark, but in prvomkontaktu gostimabudi in positive tones, Kastrup Airport has numerous drvenimelementima

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK capital, higher first touch away uplifting tones; Airport Kastrupobiluje many wooden elements, which give the impression topledobrodošlice, a city of delights and unpretentiousness jednostavnošćuarhitekture, although it is a royal city
Kraljevskarezidencija, consisting of four buildings that are designed kaosvojevrstan ring, not distinguished by grandeur, as is the case of the association and royal cities, and not at all unusual to see a odčlanova royal family in a relaxed walking around the city.
Članovikraljevske families actively participate in the life of the country so that, for example, Queen Margrethe and the children engaged in translating kazalištem.Čini that simple, very nice and clean architecture of the city, biloda it is old or new part of town, in a way ocrtavakarakter Danes, who were very good hosts - all govoreengleski language fluently, they are very friendly and open, but nothing intrusive.
Ušetnji main street Strřget Copenhagen, which is also glavnashopping street with all the important stores, a noticeable the relaxation imlađih and older Danes, informally and simply dressed, ženeminimalno dressed, and everything is far away from the concept of our citys Downtown. Bicycles are the most popular means of transport, and often two kotačamogu see business people rushing to a meeting.

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