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The capital of Brazil accommodation and History

The idea for the accommodation certainly megalomaniacal in their own way: iskrčitidio unjoj jungle and build the capital of Brazil, far from the established nation trgovačkihputova najuznapredovaliji intersections were emerging cities of the world ...

do not believe that this day just randomly selected for inauguracijutada still unfinished Brasilia for the capital of Brazil.
Date had to have certain propicijacijsku purpose, because the same day utravnju be regarded as the Eternal City, by definition, - Rome. Brasíliaje built in the twentieth century, a child of the century, but namijenjenavječnosti.
idea certainly megalomaniacal in their own way: iskrčitidio jungles in her build the capital city, far from uvriježenihtrgovačkih pathways whose intersections were emerging najuznapredovalijigradovi world, far from the sea on whose shores are in the same Brazil, and formed Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
happy architect
Brasilia were established prior to major cities from scratch, or what napodručju hamlet, among them are by far the biggest boom bilježilibaš those along the coast, such as Alexandria and Constantinople - Istanbul, Istanbul. were also built at selected points on the political, poputIslamabada and Yamoussoukro, but not nearly get the aura that is Within the last 50 years gained Brasília. experiment that was velikimrezervama greeted with once in Brazil and elsewhere - for example uzagrebačkome Vjesnik Wednesday at the end he succeeded.
some of them because as a Catholic saint - Don Giovanni Bosco, founder of the Salesian order - even 1883rd dreamed just such a night in South American jungle, the chance just where it is now Brasília.
by others because of construction undertaken sistematičnikomunist - Oscar Niemeyer - who has even the Cathedral in the Desert devised in accordance with human needs, saying: Architecture služiživotu. Life is changing the architecture.
The good part is bašNiemeyerova merit as Brasília 1987th declared svjetskomkulturnom heritage and included on its list run by UNESCO. It is designed in yellow and the Cathedral, and the Presidents chapel, a theater, and a representative of the palace of President, Senate, Assembly, Brasília Palace Hotel, and a number of public buildings, such Ministarstvoobrane, giving indelibly mark the miracle then funkcionalnearhitekture.
And why is Oscar Niemeyer Soares Filho - 1907. one of the most famous and certainly the happiest architect mnogihposljednjih decades. happiest, because - more than Frank LloydaWrighta, more than Le Corbusier, more than Renzo Piano - the lady had a chance to realize almost all the projects that really left monumentalanpečat the architecture of the twentieth century, and there, and XXI.
first creator of Brasilia, in a sense, however, politicians tadašnjibrazilski President Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, who 1956.pozvao Niemeyer to design a new main city ​​in unutrašnjosti.Niemeyer required to conduct a national competition zaurbanistički plan, which also won the long life LúcioCosta - 1902nd to 1998th with the project by the form of a roman fort. Some pakkažu: Cross - cardo and decumanus but generally forming a cross and the third veled, thanks to the configuration of the ground, has the shape of an airplane.
Costinplan is - the other side of the dispute - a detailed and meaningful: razdvojioje residential, commercial, banking and hospital zones, but each is intended upswing and representative structures. determined the maksimalnegabarite in a residential area of ​​the building may reach a maximum of six floors.
landscape was designed by Roberto Burle Marx in turn - 1909th to 1994th, according to Marx majciunuk cousin. his monumental shaft Brasilia jeremek work-and more proof that the city does not consist only of buildings and roads.
successful cooperation
Costi Niemeyer became a co-worker even 1934th, before jediplomirao architecture in Rio. Costa and Niemeyer together projektiralii palace built by the Ministry of Education and Health in Rio, where imje consultant was a Swiss architect Le Corbusier functionalists - 1887th to 1965th.
Joint Pavilion, designed for the World Exhibition 1939th in New York, which has won them international fame.
Then Niemeyer worked independently as an architect and urban planner, aprvu great task entrusted to him also Kubitschek, Belo Horizonte jošgradonačelnik then, by whose orders the Niemeyer 1941.projektirao Pampulha, modern suburb of that city. Apparently bašPampulha was one of the ideas Guide V. Holjevca when počeozamišljati Novi Zagreb.
City on a human scale
But Pampulha Jei planned and implemented warmer, about a man without a hladneracionalnosti Le Corbusier, who was Mussolini suggested that clear the ruins, Rome and build a more monumental. Brasília jesagrađena in the rainforest: construction started in 1957th, and the capital was moved unju 1960th
Niemeyer was built without destruction. And, in fact, playing, and tvrdećida a game of human functions.
So is his cathedral in Brasilia - perhaps najreprezentativnijezdanje twentieth century, and certainly the most beautiful cathedral built in tomekrvavom century, the result of games and light - well, to have invented iranije, enough to see the Sainte-Chapelle and form In this case ikaleža and flowers.
Brasil, of course, criticize, especially its inhabitants. It is built on a human scale, and alimotoriziranoga proviđenoga valid transport, because the housing zonedaleko and idle walker city is unthinkable.
has time to fix it. Rome at its fiftieth biomanje impressive than Brasília today.

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