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Long Island location and size

Long Island area is 114.44 km2, and it is interesting smještajtog largest island of the Zadar group.

Long Island is an area of ​​114.44 km2, the largest group otokzadarske. Between mountain ranges lie rocky fields, kaoprimjerice Velo Lake Arnjevo field Stivanje field Sridnje field Glavočevo. On Long Island has no surface streams and sources, izuzevšiponeku Vrulje, but there are groundwater. coast is steep and high, while other banks are gently sloped, with a series of bays, among which emphasize beauty iosobitošću Soliscica - Solin, Pantera - Veli Rat and Telascica - with Sali and numerous islets: slugs, Bršćak, Magarcic, Luski, Lagnici, Utra, Katina and others in the northwestern part of the islands sandy plažaSaharun. Resorts on the island are located along the edges of fields or krajmora the north side of the island. largest settlement on the Dugomotoku Sali, followed Zaglav, Zman, Port, Savar, Brbinj, Drago, Bozava, salt works, Veli Rat, Field and Verunic.

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