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BANATE CROATIA Croatia proper history

Croatian unit was formed spajanjemdotadašnje banovinas of Sava and, in addition to the majority of other duchies hrvatskihkotareva

BANATE is formed by the merger of the Sava and the former Primorskebanovine, plus the majority of other districts Croatian duchies - Brcko, Derventa, Dubrovnik, Tripoli, Gradačac Ilok, Sid and Travnik.
It included the area of 65 456 km2.
When creating a new unit has historically applied the principle - područjaKraljevine Croatian, Dalmatia and Slavonia, with the exception of East Srijemai Bay of Kotor, and also the ethnic principle - Croatian districts of BH.
Do these limits there are upon teškihpregovora, so that neither side was not completely satisfied. Srpskastrana because the number of districts with a majority remained unutarbanovine Serbian, Croatian and it did not include Western Bosnia - TurskaHrvatska and the North Backa and Baranja. Boundaries are smatraneprivremenima and stressed that there will be further changes in sklopupreuređenja state. |

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