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Tribulus terrestris morphology and rock

Babin Zub is a specific morphological form which is the western stranakarakteristična the vertical sections of rock, where rock sejedna the body shape that is reminiscent of the old tooth.

Babin Zub is specific morfološkioblik where the west side - Knjaževačka povertikalnim characteristic sections of rocks, where a wall separates oblikomkoji reminiscent of the old tooth, after which it got its name. His visinaiznosi, about 200 m and is accessible only alpinists. the south straneBabin tooth is slightly bulbous and descends to the villages iZaskovci Warm Up at the municipality of Pirot.
Stara Planina - Babin Zubpripada zone continental climate where summers are hot and dry and cold with a strong zimesu winds and snow, and are poorly izraženaprijelazna seasons. dominant wind for the most part jesjeverozapadni for Knjazevac known as Banjac and the south and southeast suvjetrovi razvigorci. snow lasts from October to April or May, and on the south side of November or December to March.
area is rich in resources and has a lot of water. In addition to mountain domanalazi the source from which it arises Trgoviški Timok, and hikers are there vodukoristili drinking. In this forest there are sources on Drinks jošKaludjerske water - 1780m and three cisterns - over 1800m, which are bogativodom in throughout the year. on Jabuka easily become sources DojkinoVrelo, Zaskovački rock, and moorland Vir. Peat is nastaodugogodišnjim stacking of materials from the leaves and branches that taložioovaj creek. Peat is still not excavated and preserved, not binarušila natural unit of this plateau. whole area, osimstočarskih, and is not moved by the unspoiled natural cjelinu.Bogatstvo Babin Zub and Stara Planina lies in its underground part, because the gold-bearing streams, there are granite, shale oil, uranium and drugihrudnih resources. |

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