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Apartments in Dubrovnik a tourist destination

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful Croatian cities Jadranu.Poznato become a popular tourist destination due to the quality ponudebrojnih restaurants, night clubs, casinos, bars.

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian Adriatic. Poznatosvjetsko postaloje tourist destination due to quality supply many restaurants, night clubs, casinos, bars. Accommodation in Dubrovnik is composed of private accommodation - apartments and villas, or in many kampovima.Stari exclusive hotels and the city is surrounded by a monumental wall, 1940m long, thick su2-6m, and 25m high are. consolidating the three round četverouglastihkula and 12, 5 bastions, two angular fortifications and a large fort St. John. Odkula the most impressive round Minčeta tower while the tower Bokarnajstarija preserved of its kind in Europe. Dubrovnik and defend the fort dvijesamostalne: Revelin, and Lawrence to 46m high cliff above sea level, and today it is one of the most attractive summer stages. |

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