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The symptoms of colds and flu colds and coughs

To identify whether you are suffering from colds or flu, take note of the symptoms of colds and flu.

| to identify whether you are suffering from colds or flu, take note of the symptoms of colds and flu. Cold symptoms usually starting a to two days after contact with the virus and are usually mild burning sensation, itching or pain in the throat. Sore Throat progresses until it becomes moderately sick or stops, which usually occurs the second or third day. nasal symptoms usually begin when complete pain in the throat: a clear runny nose which lasts about two days. After this time become more abundant and purulent, yellow and hard. nose is partially or totally blocked most of the time. cold may produce other symptoms that depend on the specific virus pathogens, such as high fever, tearing, sneezing, weakness and headache. flu symptom onset is abrupt - Unlike the symptoms common cold. man can feel healthy morning and afternoon, but scary sick. temperature of influenza can reach up to 40 ° C, which is certainly higher than those seen with colds. A person with flu sick acts around: moist , warm skin, watery and red eyes, a common cold usually does not cause eye and skin symptoms. Perhaps the biggest difference though between the two diseases and attenuate the degree of weakness. Influenza causes that the patient feels weak, with the need for rest and sleep, also occur, and severe pain in muscles, joints, and the region around the eyes.

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