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How is herpes

Herpes is a consequence of infection by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1

Herpes is a consequence of infection by herpes simplex virus - HSV-1, which causes blisters. Way that herpes is spread most often through the mouth, direct contact, a kiss or a sufficient drop of saliva. Since herpes on the lip is very easy transmitted, so during this time should avoid kissing, use of common towels, cutlery, glasses, because it is a virus and 90 percent is transmitted from person to person. Herpes usually occurs when the human body and immune system become weakened. It usually takes 10-odd days, but has the ability to eventually re-activated. can occur on any part of the body. infection can pass without any symptoms or similar symptoms of upper respiratory infection. virus after the initial contact with the host crops on the part of the nervous system around the lips and stays in the body for life, and sometimes or often be.

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