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Tips for running, when it is best to run, run for health

If ever you have never run you should visit your doctor who will review and determine the possible existence of any reason against the run (cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes, lung disease

If you have not ever run should visit your doctor who will review and determine the possible existence of any reason against the run - cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes, lung disease. You should then make a plan that will run gradually increase time and intensity of running. Procure running shoes. find time in the day when you run. If you do it can be before or after work, and if you think that you can not - miss half hours watching television. Select a path or route through the where you run. Let there be a lot away from the place of residence so as not to have a psychological pressure that you have to go far from home and not waste time if you ran, and it is desirable that the substrate surface is soft, not asphalt. A few important tips
Drink plenty of fluids before and after that run throughout the day. Every morning, refrigerate 2 liters of water and try to drink throughout the day. Do not dress too warm for running. When you leave the house you should feel a slight chill as you start to run will be you hot. Do not weigh yourself before and after running because youve lost weight during the run is mostly water that is released through sweating. Weigh yourself at the beginning of the program and then every 2 weeks, because only then you will see how much weight you actually lost. If you run the losing weight, it is healthy to lose a kilogram body weight per week. All products and methods that offer quick weight loss is mainly based on the loss of water. fat, and still remain, and the loss of water is dangerous for the organism. After running you will not be very hungry on the contrary - your appetite will decrease. You will feel better mentally because while running release substances called endorphins, which act euphoric, that enhance the mood.

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