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How to remove a tick, tick, in humans, the procedure for removing ticks

Where there is do not put any resources (oil, nail polish, alcohol

Removing ticks is the most important preventive measure if the tick is already firmly established in the skin. It is important to remove ticks as soon as possible - the risk of infection is higher as the tick stays in the body longer. It is well known that after the tick enters the host, about 6 hours looking for a place to feed, while drilling through the skin, and it takes 10 hours to najmnanje sucks that this person has been infected.
procedure removing ticks:
where he is not applied no resources - oil, nail polish, alcohol because it causes spasms and increased secretion of tick saliva, which may make and throw large amounts of virus and bacteria in the body if the tick is infected. tick is best removed with forceps disinfected. extracting and be patient Do not hurry, do not pull it sharply than pulling in different directions easy to pull. After removing wash hands and disinfect the wound. If you fail to remove all ticks in the major cases as quickly as possible it is best to contact your doctor.

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