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Proper running, running tips, how to properly run

You have decided to engage in running? Read the ten most important tips to be followed if you are new to this sport

You have decided to engage in running? Read the ten tips that can be followed if you are new to this sport. 1 Layered clothing
addition to the season and personal taste, head of the criteria must be comfortable, Otherwise, running can become much more demanding activity than is necessary.
2 Sneakers
Each time a foot touches the ground, all the joints of the ankle, knee and back are subjected to load by as much as 3 to 4 times greater than body weight, therefore, obtain the appropriate footwear.
3 Go to the park
When you decide to select a jogging park rich in vegetation, or place away from city smog.
4 Avoid asphalt
grass and clay courts the most appropriate place, where your feet a lot easier to tolerate jerks and strokes due to rapid rebounds during the run.
5 Eat at least one hour before running
rule that always applies to all physical activities, including running , never to run even on an empty stomach or full stomach.
6 Drink fluids even when not thirsty
While running it is important to drink small sips of fluid, regardless of whether you feel thirsty, because when you feel thirsty to is a sign that dehydration has already begun.
7th Breathe through your nose
To fully take advantage of all the benefit of running, and less tired during the effort, it is particularly important to watch you breathe through your nose and exhale and releasing the air from the lungs through the mouth.
8th Stretch before running
To avoid the risk of strains or other muscle microtrauma, before you start running it is 5 to 10 minutes given stretching exercises.
10th Gradual
If new to jogging, especially if you have not previously engaged in some physical activity, do it gradually.
If you get a good effort to slow down the step and continue to run for several minutes. not necessary to jog every day to stay fit enough to run about 30 minutes two to three times a week.

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