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Food rich in estrogen, estrogen in food, estrogen and weight gain

Estrogen is the main natural female sex hormone, not a single molecule, but it consists of three joints: estadiol (E2

Estrogen is the main natural female sex hormone, not a single molecule, but it consists of three joints: estadiol - E2, estrone - E1 and estrol - E3: they have important biological functions, but noticed that elevated levels of estradiol is related to some forms of cancer in women, especially breast cancer. Once estradiol perform its function, is removed from the body, and in the process, its degradation products can have a negative impact on the health of women.
Nutrition: Home - soy - not advisable to over-consumption of soy - and soy products are tadicionalno used in the countries of the Far East, but in moderate quantities, and soy products contain isoflavones, Home - kudzu or kuzu - Puerania lobata also contains beneficial isoflavones, but it is mainly found on the U.S. market, Home - substances lignans from various seeds and whole grains - especially high amounts of lignan in flaxseed - lignans show a similar effect as isoflavones, one study showed to 5-10 g of flaxseed per day - in a group of 28 women after the menopause showed significantly increased excretion of C-2 metabolites of estrogen, which is convenient. It would be beneficial to include at least 2 servings of whole grain cereal sources, but industrial products such as corflakesa, mueslija etc., but instead-grain cereals - oats, oatmeal, millet and others that you prepare yourself at home. flax seeds before use mash or chop, lignans to have greater access to the digestion, Home - Vegetables from the family Brassicaceae: broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, koleraba, mustard, turnips - contain biomass; indole-3-carbinol, which operates similarly to the isoflavones. These vegetables should be eaten at least once a day and mostly raw and cooked by steaming in to preserve biomass; to avoid a longer heat processing and cooking in bulk water.

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