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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Juice of roses, the recipe for the juice of rose petals from the roses

Naber fresh rose petals as you can. Make sure the jar you can seal it (it would be good to have a tire

Naber fresh rose petals as you can. Make sure the jar you can seal it - it would be good to have a tire. Jar half full with petals and pour over the top with water. Seal and place in the sun 3 -4 days. It is important that the jars do not enter the air, otherwise the liquid brown. After 3-4 days, boil the liquid with sugar - to 1 liter of approximately 1 kg of sugar. You can add the taste of lemon juice. Syrup is remarkable, and you can freeze.
Rose petals are healing, and healing is more pronounced in the case of wild varieties of roses. Produce roses and use them ...

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