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Wine of apple cider recipe, recipe jabučnica

Fruit that has fallen, rotten or overripe, not used for processing in the production of good fruit wines. Unripe fruit should be left to the fruit is ripe, or delayed, even after recycle

Fruit that has fallen, rotten or overripe, not used for processing in the production of good fruit wines. Unripe fruit should be left to the fruit is ripe, or delayed, even after the recycle. Apples should not stand in the a pile of more than 10 days, because the harder pressed, a new wine is harder to clean - sluzavost. bruised and worm-eaten pieces of fruit should be cut. Before treatment, if necessary, the fruits should be washed and not unnecessarily peel. fruits should be washed or mash chop. crushed apples are left in the wine vat for 24 hours to boil on the skin surface, so that from them during the fermentation get the most fragrant ingredients. When we add the processing enzymes that degrade pectins, thereby leading to the release of juice and therefore flavor. To mash would ukiselila, it is pushed under the surface of the bridge. This is to avoid contact with air. Immediately after filling tubs crushed mass is added to a selected yeasts that are necessary for proper fermentation. To pieces remained suppressed in the liquid, we can grid that will serve to make the previously parafiniranih lattices. This grille to resist the ceiling rod that you use before plunging part parafinirali. izmljevenih The mass was immediately well-Apple razmiješati 10 grams of potassium metabisulphite - VINOBRAN or 0.6 dl of sulfuric acid - SUMPOVIN per 100 kg. This prevents the possibility of oxidation on the surface, while the turmoil taking place correctly. Specifically, potassium metabisulphite - sumporasata acid destroys harmful microorganisms that might cause unwanted effects. Once the masses for 24 hours and prevrijavala thus become susceptible to squeezing out, access to these proceedings. When squeezing the bag can be used by the coarser screens placed inside the cage. When the full weight to the level of chest presses, the ends of the bag is folded toward the middle. Such squeezing must get clearer. squeezing obtained must is poured into a barrel, where the vreljnjaču odavrije end. If the bridge since Apple was not enough sugar - measured by the bridge in just vagorn isprešanom bridge, it can be tanking now when the barrel dosladiti. When measurements must use clear, that later on wine there would be less, and thus short-lived. after each squeezing out small parts should be removed from the parts of apple fruit presses, because parts of the fruit apples oxidize quickly and are a good medium for bacterial growth. Here are the first causes octikavosti apple wine. more about wine Apple on

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