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Ski service, ski repair, recreational skiing

Ski service is divided into small and large. Small service is done when you need to edit (sand

Ski service is divided into small and large.
Small service is done when you need to edit - sand the edges of skis and edit the sliding surface - base flehu, ie applying the wax, while large Service includes filling holes in the ski base. In the case of major damage to the skis do the special services and can not be done at any dealer.
great service is to first cleanse the ski, or to oŇ°mirgla basis, eliminating the bumps. After that, the damaged parts of graphite is applied to fill the hole. It is in the stick - mostly who ignites the fuse is applied at the drip site to be patched up. When the dry weight of graphite, the skis special tools aligned, so that there is no accumulation of mass, ie
to obtain a flat sliding surface. After that the structure of the database, and by that I mean the creation of microscopic grooves for the passage of water. When skiing the snow surface layer, friction, turns into water - aquaplanung and these grooves allow water to pass through them, and that is still skis on snow. Therefore skis better adhesion to the substrate. At the end of the entire database using a brush to clean. More

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