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What is a hostel, the difference between hotels and hostels, cheap accommodation

Hostel type of accommodation that is often visited by young people who do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodation, namely the rates in the hostel are much cheaper than in hotels. Reason for this lower price as opposed to less comfortable hotels hostels

Hostels are places that allow for individual diversity, simple and friendly atmosphere, and are characterized by low-cost accommodation. Hostel accommodation is the type who usually visited by young people who do not want to spend a lot of money on accommodation, namely the rates in hostels are much cheaper than in hotels. reason is the lower cost as opposed to hotels hostels less comfortable. For them is a distinctive form of formal accommodation and relaxed atmosphere, while the hotel provides a higher dose of privacy, the hostel is a place to meet and socialize young people are all over the world. In most hostels you can choose between single, double, triple or quadruple rooms, rooms that are suitable for smaller groups that can accept up to twenty people. Rooms are usually equipped with lockers lokotoma in which you can store valuables. These buildings are mostly students and students homes in which, when it has no students - winter and summer vacation location of young people who are traveling. But there are other objects that are used for these purposes - lower category hotels, private homes, resorts etc. so it stays in them available all year.

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