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How better to learn and remember, better remember material super learning

How to better learn and remember, and remember the material better? There is a great learning?

How to better learn and remember, and remember the material better? There is a great learning? We all want to learn as quickly as possible, here are some tips. |
• From the outset school child should learn how to create a learning plan, because the best learning is distributed over time. Does your child each day to study more subjects, it is good to start with what is difficult or less interesting. • the child should be allowed the conditions for learning and help them to learn to concentrate. • It is good to help the child to acquire the habit of active learning in a way that makes the structure of the lessons that the hierarchical structure. It is useful to write notes after each reading section. How to make learning a pleasurable experience of a child should learn the technique samonagrađivanja. Period basic school is the period when the foundations of personality are formed and what the child experienced during this period is very important for his confidence and self-image. Children receive recognition and feedback from parents and adults who play an important role in their lives. parent whose indicates the child praise and recognition of his work and effort developing a sense of self-esteem and productivity of the child. As a parent who sends his child and punish criticism of it causes the child to doubt yourself and your own abilities and feelings of inferiority. Each success increases the likelihood of a new success. Not in vain say that there is no better motivation than achievement.

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