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HOW TO HELP CHILD HYPERACTIVE hyperactive child at school, kindergarten school hyperactive child

Hyperactive child in school and in school is often isolated. To help the hyperactive child, or a hyperactive childs upbringing seems?

hyperactive child in school and in school is often isolated. To help the hyperactive child, or a hyperactive childs upbringing seems? Many children with attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity have very few friends and they are often viewed as second kind. Their problems are often the result of their impulsivity and short attention span for which they are able to learn social rules nor recognize social cues and messages. These children are often painfully aware of his isolation and rejection, and their inability to keep friends, try to change, but do not know how and are able to do yourself. If you give these children extra help, it can often learn to have successful social relationships. They must be helped to learn what the most successful children learned spontaneously, without thinking. In how much they can help parents and teachers. Hiperaktivnoj children is often necessary to give specific and clear instructions. It can be, for example, said: First go and stand next to a group of children. Stand quietly for some time and listen very carefully. When you are sure you know what they are talking about when you thought twice about what they want to say about it, wait for an appropriate pause in the conversation and then tell them that you agree with what they said, because it ... or, you, too experienced a similar ... It is very important that this assistance is provided to nekritizirajući, supportive and positive way. Maybe this sounds exaggerated, but it can be of great benefit rejected and lonely child who longs for friends. There are children whose behavior is a result of this disorder was so bad that the others - both children and adults consistently rejected because they could not tolerate their nametajuće, devastating and often violent behavior.

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