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Tips for better concentration exercise for concentration and memory, how to improve concentration

A few useful tips that will help you keep your concentration at work and Posani more effective with less effort

few useful tips that will help you keep your concentration at work and Posani more effective with less effort. 1 Sit upright
Although you may think that your furniture will help with concentration, you are wrong. The blood you quickly through the car body while you sit straight, and thus sending the message to the brain that you are willing to work and not sleeping at the table.
2 Do not be hungry all the time
If you are thinking Oh how I hungry, I am not well, I could just eat something ... , you will not be able to concentrate on work.
good morning, have breakfast and lunch on time. Avoid carbohydrates because they are feeling weak. Lots of vegetables and fish is good for concentration. 5 ideas for you to eat a fine breakfast
3 First, by solving a larger commitment
You might want to start to address the smaller and lighter duties at work, and its not a good decision. Most of the time you think of the major tasks and how and when you make them. Before you start to push the problems under the carpet in the corners of the brain and to a list on the computer, get rid of them in the morning as soon as you get to work. You will feel rasterećenije and concentrated.
4 Headphones
If you work in a larger office where they tend to concentrate, headsets and music are a good solution. So perhaps insulate themselves from unnecessary information and easier to concentrate on their stuff. However, be careful not to wander away to the music in a third sphere and completely forget about the job .
Holiday Pause to make a walk in the fresh air because oxygen accelerates the blood and stimulates the brain. If your job consists of working on the computer, try each hour to remove the view from the window and watch for some time in distance. eyes and you will be grateful.

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