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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


The Novel Definition of the novel and the modern novel

The modern novel appeared in the 20th century and is rooted in the work FMDostojevskog Crime and Punishment, and the first true modern novel is a cycle in search of Lost Time Marcel Proust ...

Roman is the most comprehensive type of literary prose, and today the most popular. Originally it was called so that each file is written in the popular - Romance language - unlike Latin. | modern novel appears In the 20th century and is rooted in the work FMDostojevskog Crime and Punishment, and the first true modern novel is a cycle in search of Lost Time Marcel Proust. he creates in his novel, special type of - associative monologue-novel - a novel novel, essay and current awareness , enters the world of the subconscious and developing technology soliloquy - internal monologue, talk about yourself objectively and cold. also introduced psychological time - internal, other than real. Features * psychological - subjective time - in reality, usually a few days or hours * playback * of mans inner consciousness, narrative monologue - soliloquy * focus on character, not the event - because of better detection of mans inner world * defabulativnost - plot weakens or disappears, with no action poslijedi─Źne causal connection depends on the subjective experience of the character * common themes are searching for meaning in life, thinking about yourself, questions about the world and his sense of * the narrator is unreliable and subjective, narrated in first person singular * philosophy of language, symbols - metalanguage * Division of novel-essay - type of the modern novel in which the epic storytelling complements the feelings and associations * stream of consciousness - a modern novel that no real action, the narrator is in first person and talks about his own inner world of ideas in the monologue * - reality free from servitude, into it all * Philosophy - philosophy popularized by literary works in which the transformed

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