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Medieval Novel Tristan and Isolde Book

Tristan and Isolde is a tragic medieval love story. It is a medieval novel in which the signature motif of unrequited or impossible love ...

In the Middle Ages, a novel in verse, usually classical or chivalrous, lofty themes. Some of them are: The Story of Tristan and Isolde, Alexandrida - novel about Alexander the Great, Rumanac Trinity - novel about three. Appear and Knight and pikarski novel. Knights novel, describing the glorious deeds of their noble knight and lady, and their life journey of romance, magical events and the like. pikarskom In the novel, the main character was a little mundane, picaro - petty thief, scapegrace, or the like, that is cunning runs through life - a popular theme to date.
Tristan and Isolde is a tragic medieval love story. Recognizable motif that is impossible to an unhappy love is known in many variations in the literature as well as the template for many other works of art, most notably the operas of Richard Wagners Tristan and Isolde, and Kevin Reynolds in 2006. , also named Tristan and Isolde. The content of Tristan, son of King Rivalena, Orphaned, he found the faithful armor-bearer Gorvenalu educators and friends. In the fifteenth year is coming to the court of his uncle Mark, King of Cornvalla. Tristan is a courageous, skilled in weapons, amazing playing the harp. In a duel with giant Morholtom Tristan beat the other, but at the same poisoned spear wounded. The poisonous breath of his wounds away from it all and annoyed friends because of this accident, Tristan is, in its sole discretion, is left to the open sea, I have a harp in a small boat, boat it, carried by winds, brought to the shores of Ireland. Queen of Ireland - where he introduced himself as a juggler medicinal herbs heal his wound, and committed him his daughter Isolde Goldilocks blue eyes that is taught in music. Back in Cornvall, uncle was so delighted Izoldine description of beauty, that King Mark decides to marry her. Tristan returns to Ireland, this time with the mission to obtain for his uncle Izoldinu hand. Queen entrusts Izoldinoj beacon Brangijeni potion that had the miraculous power to those who drink all united forever in love and death. But during the journey the love potion - for Isolde and Mark print, mistakenly, Tristan and Isolde. From that moment, no honor, no considerations, or the wedding of Mark and Isolde - nothing could break a predestined relationship of Tristan and Isolde. Realizing that the lovers secretly meet, Tristan King Mark banishing from Convalla. To forget your love, Tristan is in exile - in Brittany married the daughter of Duke Hoel - which is also the name of Isolde, named Isolde white hands. Goldilocks vain longing to arise suppress knightly combats and hunting. Participating with a friend Kaheridnom in an adventure, Tristan is mortally wounded. By Kaherdinu Zlatokosoj Isolde sends a message that he wants to see before he died. White sails on the boat will be a sign that Isolde arrives and black that ignored the call. Goldilocks Isolde immediately embark on a journey. But Isolde white hand, obsessed with jealousy, lies to Tristan approaching ship with black sails. Tristan dies in pain, Goldilocks and Isolde, finding him dead, drop dead next to him. King Mark, who is at once learned and to their death and the secret love potion, is conveyed in the body Cornvall hapless lover and buried them side by side. From their graves grew two trees, whose branches are inextricably interwoven with each other.

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