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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


Rhetorical question

Rhetorical question is a stylish figure in which the question does not expect an answer ...

rhetorical question is a stylish figure in which the question does not expect an answer, rhetorical questions are strongly suggestive and manipulative because it suggests an answer, without being able to respond to it contrary to the speaker position.
Figures are poetic expressions which changes the meaning of the word, using voice properties, create a special decoration which is characterized by a poetic, artistic style of the language. example of rhetorical questions: Have you ever before seen such a favorable offer as our be or not to be? not we have ourselves to blame for it? An example of rhetorical questions in poetry: Dobriša Cesarić, Slap < em> flows and flows, and flows a waterfall; what it means my little drop

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