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Figure words

Figure words or tropes occur by changing the basic meaning of some words ...

Figure words or tropes occur by changing the basic meaning of individual words. Figure words: metaphor, metonymy, personification, synecdoche, title, euphemism, allegory, symbol.
Metaphor - is called a summary comparison, ie, through a comparison in which such can not tell you which compares with, but only expresses the second member of comparison. metaphor meaning a word is transferred to another word on the principle of similarity. Example: Peace is sitting on top eyelid tortured / Everything is now quieter. country became brown / me grabs a dream . Metonymy - a figure in which meaning is transmitted by some real relationships. Instead of a word that denotes a specific term used another word that is a real connection with the first term. Example: School is over = finished teaching PERSONIFICATION - a figure which is things, events, objects, animals or plants given human qualities. Example: The sea is not listening so / so shut up and laughs and climbs Synecdoche - a figure which is taking part for the whole. Example: I do not even rate - no money at all . Euphemism - denotes the substitution of some words, which are considered dangerous or obscene, some milder expressions Example: cheerful drunk instead. adjective - a word that is added to the books that would allow the creation of vibrant, fuller, clearer or something especially characteristic of some ideas of things, phenomena , creatures or people Example: Silent Fall, ash, blue sea, a magical feeling ALLEGORY - an extended metaphor, ie use of the word in a figurative sense with what the real meaning only if it detects a certain poetic images replace the whole concepts, finding so as to be they actually relate. Fables, for example, entirely based on allegory. SYMBOL - substitution of a word, life, or the appearance of his parole term, the allegorical mark. Example: Raven = danger; heart = love, courage, kindness ...

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